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Bible Studies

Bible Studies

A series of free Bible Studies for personal use or use in a Bible study group. Our Bible Studies are nonsectarian, devotional, and are suitable for use by all Christians. Each lesson consists of a Bible reading assignment and a number of thought-provoking questions intended to lead us to a deeper understanding of the Bible and how it applies to our faith and our lives. Suggested answers are provided for some questions.

How to Study the Bible

Using the Bible Studies for Personal Study

Using the Bible Studies in a Bible Study Group


Matthew, Mark and Luke

  Lesson 1. The Birth of Jesus
  Lesson 2. Preparation for Jesus' Ministry
  Lesson 3. Jesus Begins His Ministry in Galilee
  Lesson 4. The Sermon on the Mount I
  Lesson 5. The Sermon on the Mount II
  Lesson 6. The Sermon on the Mount III
  Lesson 7. Jesus Heals the Sick
  Lesson 8. Jesus Instructs His Disciples
  Lesson 9. Accusations against Jesus
  Lesson 10. Parables of the Kingdom of God
  Lesson 11. Jesus' Mighty Works
  Lesson 12. Jesus Predicts His Death
  Lesson 13. Teachings on Humility and Forgiveness
  Lesson 14. The Greatest Commandment; the Good Samaritan
  Lesson 15. The Hypocrisy of the Pharisees
  Lesson 16. More Parables of the Kingdom of God
  Lesson 17. The Prodigal Son
  Lesson 18. The Pharisee and the Tax Collector
  Lesson 19. The Journey to Jerusalem
  Lesson 20. Jesus' Triumphal Entry into Jerusalem
  Lesson 21. Jesus Debates with the Religious Leaders
  Lesson 22. Jesus Tells of His Second Coming
  Lesson 23. Parables of the Final Judgment
  Lesson 24. The Last Supper
  Lesson 25. The Arrest and Trial of Jesus
  Lesson 26. The Redeeming Sacrifice - Jesus Dies on the Cross
  Lesson 27. Jesus Rises from the Dead and Ascends to Heaven
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  Scripture Index

Acts of the Apostles

  Lesson 1. The Holy Spirit Comes to the Apostles
  Lesson 2. Life in the Early Christian Community
  Lesson 3. Stephen - The First Christian Martyr
  Lesson 4. The Conversion of Saul
  Lesson 5. The Ministry of Peter
  Lesson 6. The First Missionary Journey
  Lesson 7. The Council of Jerusalem
  Lesson 8. The Second Missionary Journey
  Lesson 9. The Third Missionary Journey
  Lesson 10. Paul is Arrested in Jerusalem
  Lesson 11. Paul in Caesarea
  Lesson 12. Paul's Voyage to Rome
  Scripture Index