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Acts of the Apostles
Lesson 10
Paul is Arrested in Jerusalem

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Reading assignment for this lesson: Acts 21:15 - 23:11

Despite many warnings of danger, Paul saw his trip to Jerusalem as essential to his mission.

Paul had taught that circumcision and other rituals of the Law of Moses were not necessary for Gentile Christians, but he had not tried to turn Jews or Jewish Christians away from their obligations under Jewish Law. However, some Jews from Asia Minor (where Paul had spent much time) recognized him in the temple in Jerusalem, and they exaggerated and misrepresented the things Paul said to stir up resentment against him. They accused Paul of urging Jews to abandon the Law of Moses and not circumcise their sons. They also falsely accused him of profaning the temple by bringing in a Gentile. A riot followed, and Paul ended up in the custody of the Roman Army.

1. What was the primary purpose of Paul's trip to Jerusalem? (See Acts 19:21, Romans 15:25-26, 1 Corinthians 16:1-4, 2 Corinthians 9:1-5.)

2. How can you tell that the author of Acts was traveling with Paul at this time? (See Acts 21:15-17.)

3. Why did the Jews from Asia dislike Paul? (See Acts 21:20-22, 27-30, 9:19-25, 13:44-50.)

4. a) What warnings did Paul receive that he would be in danger in Jerusalem?
b) How did Paul react to those warnings? (See Acts 9:10-16, 20:17-24, 21:7-14, 21:17-22, 2 Corinthians 4:16-18, 5:1-5.)

5. a) What was James' plan to save Paul from danger? (See Acts 21:23-28.)
b) Did it work?

6. What saved Paul from being killed by the angry mob in Jerusalem? (See Acts 21:27-36.)

7. How did Paul defend himself to the crowd? (See Acts 22:1-21.)

8. What was the outcome of Paul's appearance before the Jewish ruling council (the Sanhedrin)? (See Acts 22:30, 23:1-11.)

9. What encouragement did Paul receive that night? (See Acts 23:11.)

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