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After you Save your answers, they will be automatically restored next time you open the same lesson page.

Click the Save button as often as you wish, and before you leave or refresh the lesson page, to keep your saved answers up-to-date. (Refreshing or reloading the page will erase your answers if you have not saved them!)

As a security precaution, answers can be restored only to the same device and Web browser you used to save your answers. If you open the lesson page from a different computer or Web browser, or logged onto the computer with a different user name, the answer boxes will be blank.

To save and restore your answers, you must have "Cookies" enabled in your Web Browser. After you enable Cookies, you may have to click the Save button twice to successfully save your answers.

NOTE: As of January 17, 2021 the Bible studies software has been updated to a new version. Unfortunately, saved answers from the old version cannot be accessed by the new version. However, the old version will be available here for a limited time to access your answers. You can copy them into the new version or save copies of the pages for your records.