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Acts of the Apostles
Lesson 11
Paul in Caesarea

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Reading assignment for this lesson: Acts 23:12 - 26:32

A group of Paul's enemies plotted to assassinate him; however, word of the plot reached the Roman commander in Jerusalem. Paul was then taken overnight, under heavy guard, to the city of Caesarea, an important port on the Mediterranean Sea. There, he was handed over to the Roman governor, Felix. Felix was governor of Judea from 52 to 59 A.D., and he held the same position Pontius Pilate had held about 25 years earlier at the time of Jesus' crucifixion. Felix did not make a decision in Paul's case so Paul remained in prison in Caesarea until Felix was replaced by Festus. At that time, Paul asserted his right as a Roman citizen to appeal his case to Caesar. This started the chain of events which took Paul, at long last, to Rome. Before Paul was sent to Rome, King Herod Agrippa II also got involved in his case.

1. a) Who were the people who plotted to kill Paul?
b) How did they plan to do it?
c) Why did the plot fail?
d) Why was the plot to kill Paul destined to fail from the start? (See Acts 23:11-22.)

2. a) At Paul's trial before Felix, what accusations did the high priest's attorney, Tertullus, make against Paul?
b) What was Paul's defense? (See Acts 24:1-23.)
c) What was the outcome of the trial?

3. a) How long did Felix keep Paul in custody at Caesarea?
b) Why? (See Acts 24:24-27).

4. Why did Paul reject Festus' suggestion that he be tried in Jerusalem and instead ask for a hearing by the Roman emperor? (See Acts 25:1-3, 25:9-10, 19:21, 23:10-11.)

5. What things did Paul say to King Agrippa about Jesus? (See Acts 26:19-23.)

6. What was King Agrippa's verdict about Paul? See Acts 26:30-32.)

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