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(KJV) The King James Version Of The Bible, published in 1611, was commissioned by James I of England to settle matters being disputed within the Church of England. Its style and rhythm won it a secure and enduring popularity in the English-speaking world. Its archaic language, though, can obscure the true meaning for the modern reader.

(ASV) The American Standard Version Of The Bible, a 1901 publication updating the KJV, was based on new and more accurate translations of Greek and Hebrew manuscripts. Yet, it does retain much of the archaic language of the KJV.

(TLB) The Living Bible, published in 1971, is a popular paraphrased version written by Kenneth N. Taylor, who began this version to help his own children understand the New Testament Letters of Paul. As a result, the language is exceptionally clear and direct, making this Bible suitable for all ages. By nature, though, the accuracy of any paraphrased version is subject to debate.

(NAS) The New American Standard Bible, published in 1971, is a scholarly update of the 1901 ASV. Sponsored by the Lockman Foundation, the translators used the best available Greek and Hebrew texts as a guide.

(NIV) The New International Version Of The Bible, a completely new translation of ancient Greek and Hebrew texts sponsored by the New York International Bible Society, was published in 1978. Its clear, direct modern English makes it easy to read and understand.

(NRSV) The New Revised Standard Version Bible, published by The National Council of Churches in 1989, is an update of the highly regarded Revised Standard Version of 1952. The language is very modern, but the style is more traditional than the NIV.

Other Works

Rudolf Dreikurs, M.D., Children: The Challenge, Penguin Books, 1964. This classical, easy to read work forms the basis for many modern parenting techniques.

James L. Mays, ed., Harper's Bible Commentary, Harper, 1988. Commentary, interpretation and historical perspective on each book and each verse of the Bible.

John R. Kober, ed., Active Christian Parenting, Augsburg Fortress, 1995. A practical guide to parenting skills for the preschool to preteen years. Developed as part of a parenting course.

Herbert Lockyer, Sr., ed., Nelson's Illustrated Bible Dictionary, Thomas Nelson Publishers, 1986. Commentary on people, places, things and doctrines of the Bible, arranged by topic. Includes references to relevant Bible passages.

Donald Senior, ed., The Catholic Study Bible, Oxford University Press, 1990. Contains the Catholic version of the Bible, The New American Bible, plus extensive study guides, notes, and histories of each of the books.

Kaari Ward, ed., Jesus and His Times, The Reader's Digest Association, 1987. History and geography of the times and places of New Testament events.