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Bible Quiz: The Ten Commandments I

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1) The Hebrew people had been slaves in Egypt for many years. About 3,300 years ago, God called Moses to lead them to freedom. They started out on a 40-year journey to their "Promised Land" of Israel. Three months after leaving Egypt, they were camped at the foot of Mount Sinai. God called Moses up to the top of the mountain and gave him the Ten Commandments. Even though these Commandments are more than 3000 years old, they still help us live the way God wants us to live.

The First Commandment says, "I am the Lord your God. You must not worship any gods besides me." Which of these things does the First Commandment say we should do?

Make rich and famous people our idols.

Put our trust in God more than anything or anybody else.

Make whatever we want the most important thing in our lives.

2) The Second Commandment says, "Do not make idols of any kind and do not worship them." What does it mean?

Don't make statues and worship them.

Don't wear gold crosses.

Don't have pictures of Jesus in your house.

3) The Third Commandment says, "Do not misuse God's name." What does it mean?

Be careful not to misspell "God" accidentally.

Don't say, "I swear by God" when you are not telling the truth.

Don't say "Christ" when you should say "God."

4) The Fourth Commandment says, "Remember to keep the Sabbath day holy." What does it mean?

Always go to church on Easter.

Save one day a week for worshipping God.

Save the first day of every month for going to church.

5) The Fifth Commandment says, "Honor your father and your mother." What does it mean?

Be kind and obedient to your parents.

Do well in school to make your parents proud.

It's OK to be disrespectful to your parents when you don't agree with them.