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Bible Quiz: Revelation

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1) One day in about the year 95 A.D., a man named John had a vision from heaven. The book of Revelation is John's record of that vision. Where was John when he had his vision?

The island of Cyprus

The island of Gibraltar

The island of Patmos

The island of Samos

2) Who was Revelation originally written for?

Christians in Asia Minor

Christians in Corinth

Christians in Jerusalem

Christians in Thessalonica

3) What form of literature is Revelation?





4) One day, John heard a voice and turned to see a vision of seven golden lampstands. In the midst of the lampstands was a heavenly being with white hair, eyes like fire, and a voice like rushing water. A two-edged sword was coming out of his mouth. Who was this being?




The angel Gabriel

5) John was given a vision into heaven. He saw a scroll with seven seals on it. Who in heaven was found worthy to open the seven seals and reveal the knowledge of human affairs and destiny contained in the scroll?

A dove

An eagle

A lamb

A ram

6) As the first four seals were broken open, John saw a vision of the "Four horseman of the Apocalypse." What did they represent?

The four gospels

The endless cycle of nationalistic pride, warfare, famine and death

The four deadly sins

The four corners of the earth

7) An angel came from the East bearing the seal of God. He placed God's seal on the foreheads of people who were faithful servants of God. How many people received the seal?

"Four score and twenty"

"Seven times seventy"

"One hundred forty-four thousand"

"As many as the stars of heaven"

8) Seven angels appeared with seven trumpets. As each trumpet was blown, a partial destruction afflicted the earth as a warning of God's coming judgment. Then, a woman appeared in the sky, clothed with the sun, wearing a crown of 12 stars. What else appeared in the sky?

A legion of angels

A red dragon with 7 heads and 10 horns

The army of Satan

The serpent from the Garden of Eden

9) Next, a beast like a leopard emerged from the sea. How many heads did it have?





10) Yet another beast emerged from the earth which performed great signs and deceived the people of earth. What number was associated with this beast?

"Twelve times twelve"

"Seven times seventy"

"Six hundred and sixty-six"

"One hundred forty-four thousand"

11) Seven angels poured seven bowls of plagues upon the earth. Then a woman appeared, a harlot, sitting on a scarlet beast. On her forehead was written, "Babylon the great, mother of whores and of earth's abominations." What did she represent?

The city of Rome

The angels of Satan

The Persian Empire

The Philistines

12) Who was tied up in chains for a thousand years?


The beast like a leopard

The roman emperor Nero

The whore of Babylon

13) In the end, God creates a new heaven and a new earth. What is seen coming down from heaven?

A legion of angels

A new holy city of Jerusalem

A new manna of salvation

A new sun, moon and stars

14) What is the overall lesson of the book of Revelation?

By careful study we can predict the end of the world.

God will eventually triumph over all evil.

Israel will be restored to its former glory.

The throne of David will pass to Christ.