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Bible Quiz: Paul's Conversion

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1) Paul was the first and most influential interpreter of Jesus' message and teachings. He was an early Christian missionary, founding many Christian communities. A number of Paul's letters to the churches are in the New Testament.

Paul was originally named "Saul", but took the name "Paul" after his conversion to Christianity. Where in the Bible does Saul first appear?

At Jesus' crucifixion

At Jesus' resurrection

At the stoning of Stephen

At Peter's escape from prison

2) What trade was Saul trained in?


Leather work



3) What activity is Saul engaged in when he is first mentioned in the Bible?

Practicing his trade

Buying and selling gold and spices

Persecuting Christians

Preaching against Christianity in the Synagogues

4) Where did Saul's dramatic conversion to Christianity occur?

At the temple

On the road to Damascus

On the road to Emmaus

At Antioch

5) Saul saw a sight that caused him and his companions to fall to the ground. What was it?

A light brighter than the sun

Lightning flashing from a clear sky

A whirling cloud of fire

An angel of the Lord

6) What did Saul hear then?

A sound like thunder, but with no clouds or rain

A voice saying, "This is my beloved son."

Angels singing Hallelujah! Salvation and glory and power belong to our God."

A voice saying, "Saul, Saul, why do you persecute me?"

7) What affliction did Paul suffer after his conversion?

He could not speak.

He could not see.

He could not hear.

He could not walk.

8) How long did the affliction endure?

3 hours

3 days

3 weeks

3 months

9) Before his affliction could be cured, Paul was destined to meet with a certain Christian man who laid hands on him. Who was he?





10) After Paul began teaching about Jesus in Damascus, some of his former allies conspired to kill him. How did he escape from the city?

He disguised himself and left with a merchant caravan.

He hid in a wagon leaving the city.

He disguised himself as a Roman soldier and left.

His followers lowered him over the city wall in a basket.