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Bible Quiz: Pride and Humility

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1) One day Jesus was eating at the house of a prominent Pharisee. He noticed the guests trying to seat themselves at the places of highest honor, perhaps near the head of the table. But, in a parable, Jesus said trying to sit at the place of honor was a bad idea. Why?

Those who sat at places of honor were likely to be targets of robbers.

Those at the places of honor would be asked to pay for the meal.

A guest who takes a seat of honor may have to give up his seat to someone more important.

The host would be angry at someone who presumed to take a place of honor and ask him to leave.

2) In the parable, what was Jesus' suggestion for seating?

A guest should take the lowest position at the table and wait for the host to invite him to a place of honor.

A guest should ask the host where to sit instead of assuming a place of honor.

A guest should insist on sitting and remaining at the lowest position at the table.

A guest should offer the host a favor in return for a place of honor at the table.

3) What is the lesson of the parable?

Humility is important in the kingdom of God.

The Pharisees observed the letter of the law but not its spirit.

The rich will get richer, and the poor will get poorer.

Pride is important in the kingdom of God.

4) What was Jesus' suggestion for hosting a banquet?

Use place cards at the table to avoid disputes among guests.

Invite the poor and disabled instead of relatives and the rich.

Invite only those who can repay the hospitality.

Serve those at the lowest positions first so they will feel honored.