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Bible Quiz: A King's Wise Decision

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1) One day two women came before the king with a baby. Each woman claimed the baby as her own and asked the king to declare her the true mother. How did the dispute arise?

One woman, who was childless, had stolen another woman's baby and claimed it as her own.

One woman's baby had been murdered, and each woman believed the remaining baby was her own.

One woman's baby had been stolen, and each woman claimed the remaining baby as her own.

One woman's baby had died and she swapped her dead baby with the other woman's living baby.

2) What was the king's decision to resolve the dispute?

Draw lots to see which woman would have the child.

Cut the baby in two with a sword and give half to each woman.

Neither woman would have the baby; it would be given to a family in the town.

The women would go before a priest to determine which was the true mother.

3) What happened after the decision?

One woman cried out, "Give her the living baby! Don't kill him!"

The baby grew up to be one of the great prophets of Israel.

The baby died as the two women struggled over it.

The baby grew up to be a king of Israel.

4) Who was the king?