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Bible Quiz: Jesus Sends Forth the Apostles

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1) Jesus had many disciples, but He named twelve of them as apostles (meaning messengers), and gave them special authority to carry on His ministry (Mark 3:14-19). Often, they were simply called "the Twelve" in the Bible.

When Jesus sent the Apostles out to preach, he sent them in groups. How many were in each group?





2) What did Jesus instruct the Apostles to take with them?



A walking stick

All of the above

3) What was the primary message the Apostles preached in their journeys?

Have faith in Jesus.

Turn away from sin.

Be prepared; the end is near.

Take up your cross and follow Jesus.

4) The Apostles traveled through many towns and villages, carrying Jesus' message. Sometimes they got a friendly reception, and sometimes they didn't. What did Jesus tell them to do at places that did not welcome them?

Not to worry what to say or do; God would guide them.

Pray that God, Himself, would show them the light.

Shake the dust off their feet as they left.

Curse the ground they had walked upon.