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Bible Quiz: Jesus' Power

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1) Jesus' powerful presence must have been overwhelming to those He met in person. One day He passed by one of the most despised people among the Jews, a tax collector. Jesus said no more than, "Follow Me!" and the tax collector left his booth and became one of Jesus' 12 disciples. Which disciple was he?





2) Fill in the blank: Shortly afterward, a ruler or synagogue leader named Jairus came and worshipped Jesus, saying, "My _______ has just died, but come lay Your hand on her and she will live."





3) While Jesus was on His way to Jairus' house, a woman came up from behind and touched His cloak. She was immediately healed of the hemorrhages she had suffered for many years. How long had she been suffering with this affliction?

6 years

12 years

18 years

24 years

4) When Jesus finally reached Jairus' house, He said the man's relative was not dead but just sleeping, and everyone laughed at him. But Jesus went in and raised her from the dead. How did He do it?

He prayed for one hour that she would be healed.

He placed His hand on her forehead and she awoke.

He took her by the hand and she got up.

He anointed her head with oil.