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Bible Quiz: Noah's Ark

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1) Why did the Lord decide to destroy mankind in a flood?

They had become wicked and had evil in their hearts.

They had built idols to false gods.

The number of men was too great for the land to support.

They had broken the Ten Commandments.

2) How big was Noah's ark?

100 cubits (150 ft., 46 m) long, 20 cubits (30 ft., 9 m) wide, 10 cubits (15 ft., 5 m) high

200 cubits (300 ft., 91 m) long, 50 cubits (75 ft., 23 m) wide, 20 cubits (40 ft., 12 m) high

300 cubits (450 ft., 137 m) long, 50 cubits (75 ft., 23 m) wide, 30 cubits (45 ft., 14 m) high

300 cubits (450 ft., 137 m) long, 100 cubits (150 ft., 46 m) wide, 50 cubits (75 ft., 23 m) high

3) How many pairs of each "clean" animal did Noah take on the ark?

One pair

Two pairs

Three pairs

Seven pairs

4) How old was Noah when the flood began?

80 years

120 years

200 years

600 years

5) How many people rode on the ark?

Two people

Four people

Eight people

Sixteen people

6) How long did the rain last?

20 days

40 days

150 days

365 days

7) Where did the ark come to rest after the flood?

Mount Sinai

the Mount of Olives

Mount Zion

the mountains of Ararat

8) How long did Noah stay on the ark before the Lord told him it was time to get out?

40 days and nights

150 days

Over seven months

Over one year.

9) Which animal did Noah send out to see if the land was dry?

an eagle

a dove

a lamb

an owl

10) God made a covenant with Noah and his sons to never again send a flood to destroy the earth. What was the sign of this covenant?

A dove

A rainbow

A cloud

A star

11) How old was Noah when he died?

650 years

850 years

950 years

Over 1000 years