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Bible Quiz: To the Promised Land

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1) After Moses had received the Ten Commandments and come down from Mount Sinai, he supervised erection of the Tabernacle, described in great detail in Exodus 35-40. The Ark of the Covenant was placed in the new Tabernacle. Which of these was NOT one of the items placed in the Ark?

Moses' staff

The stone tablets of the Ten Commandments

A golden jar of manna

Aaron's staff

2) On the twentieth day of the second month of the second year since leaving Egypt, the people received a sign that it was time to leave Sinai and continue their journey. What was the sign?

The cloud of fire moved to the east.

The curtain of the Tabernacle was torn in two.

The cloud lifted from above the Tabernacle.

Lightning flashed from the Ark of the Covenant.

3) At the Lord's instruction, Moses sent out some spies to explore the land of Canaan, which was promised to the Israelites. What two things did the spies report when they returned?

Canaan is a land of milk and honey but the cities are very large and well fortified.

The cities are very large and well fortified and a forbidding desert must be crossed.

Canaan is a land of milk and honey but a forbidding desert must be crossed.

The cities are very large and well fortified and there is little food or water along the way.

4) The whole Israelite community arrived at the Desert of Zin, at a place called Meribah. Moses' sister, Miriam, died and was buried there. There was no water and little food. The people again grumbled against Moses, and Moses appealed to God for another miracle. What was the miracle Moses performed at Meribah?

Moses led the people over a hill to a sweet spring.

Moses struck a rock and water flowed out.

God sent a torrential rainstorm.

Moses spoke to a rock and water poured out.

5) Why did God tell Moses he would not be allowed to enter the Promised Land?

Moses had killed a man in his youth.

Moses had gotten drunk and behaved scandalously.

Moses had cursed the Israelites for their rebellion.

Moses had rebelled against God and not given Him credit for the miracle at Meribah.

6) The Israelites traveled from Mount Hor along the route to the Red Sea, to go around Edom. The people became impatient again and grumbled against Moses and against God. As punishment, God sent a plague of poisonous snakes. However, God told Moses a way that the people who were bitten could avoid dying. What was it?

They could rub manna on the wound.

They could look at a bronze snake.

They could wash the wound in the waters of Meribah.

They could touch Moses' staff.

7) Who was appointed to be Moses' successor?





8) What last favor did God grant Moses before he died?

A look at the Promised Land

A dream of the Promised Land.

A reunion with his wife.

A reconciliation with Aaron.

9) After receiving this favor Moses died. What was unusual about his death?

He was buried by the Lord, Himself.

An earthquake shook the land when he died.

The curtain of the Tabernacle was torn in two when he died.

He was taken up to heaven in a chariot of fire.

10) Moses appeared again at Jesus' transfiguration. What other Old Testament prophet was there with him?