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Bible Quiz: The Early Years

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1) Who were Moses' parents?

Amram and Jochebed

Amram and Miriam

Nadab and Jochebed

Nadab and Hannah

2) What danger was Moses in as a baby?

The Israelite king had a dream that Moses was destined to seize power and ordered him killed.

The Egyptian Pharaoh had ordered all male Hebrew babies killed.

Moses' brothers were jealous because his mother loved Moses the most

The evil Egyptian midwives killed all the male Hebrew babies.

3) How did Moses' mother protect him from being killed?

She hid him in a manger with the animals.

She sent him to live with an Egyptian woman who pretended Moses was her own son.

She fled with the baby to Galilee until Moses was grown.

She put him in a basket and hid him among the reeds in the Nile.

4) Who found Moses and adopted him?

The Pharaoh's wife

The Pharaoh's daughter

The Pharaoh's sister

The Pharaoh's maid-servant

5) Who were Moses' older siblings?

Aaron and Eleazar

Aaron and Miriam

Eleazar and Miriam

Eleazar and Mishael

6) When Moses had grown up, an incident occurred that forced him to flee from Egypt. What was it?

It became known that Moses was really a Hebrew instead of an Egyptian.

Moses was accused of stealing sheep from an Egyptian.

Moses killed an Egyptian.

Moses had a dream in which the Lord told him to flee from Egypt.

7) While in exile, Moses met his wife. Who was she?





8) What was Moses' occupation while in exile?





9) Who were Moses' sons?

Gershom and Eliezer

Izhar and Zicri

Korah and Nepheg

Mishael and Elzaphan

10) How many times is Moses mentioned in the Bible?