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Bible Quiz: Jesus Appears by the Sea of Galilee

Select one answer for each question. Then click the SCORE button at bottom to check your answers.

1) Perhaps a week after His resurrection, Jesus appeared again to some of His disciples while they were fishing in the Sea of Tiberias (also known as the Sea of Galilee.)

True or False? The disciples recognized Jesus immediately as he stood on the beach.



2) What advice did Jesus give the disciples for catching fish?

"Cast the net between the boats."

"Cast the net on the right side of the boat."

"Cast your lines into the deeper water."

"Follow your hearts."

3) How many fish did they catch?

A hundred fifty-three


Four score and seven

Six hundred sixty-six

4) What did Jesus do for the disciples as soon as they landed the fish?

He washed their feet.

He gave them the gift of the Holy Spirit.

He touched the net and repaired the tear in it.

He fed them breakfast.

5) Jesus said to Peter, "Feed my Lambs." What did He mean by that?

Do many works of charity to show God's love.

Be a protector of all God's creatures.

Be a leader of Christian believers.

Take care of Jesus' Mother, Mary.