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Bible Quiz: Jesus Appears to His Disciples

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1) On Sunday evening, the day Jesus' tomb was found empty, His disciples were gathered together behind locked doors. Suddenly, Jesus was standing there with them. What did He say to the disciples?

"Repent, the kingdom of God is near!"

"Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted!"

"You are the light of the world!"

"Peace be with you!"

2) On another occasion, the risen Jesus appeared to His disciples by the Sea of Tiberias (another name for the Sea of Galilee). What miracle did Jesus work there?

Healing of Peter's mother-in-law

A miraculous catch of fish

Walking on the water

Calming a storm on the sea

3) Jesus said to Peter, "Feed my Lambs." What did He mean by that?

Do many works of charity to show God's love.

Be a protector of all God's creatures.

Be a leader of Christian believers.

Take care of Jesus' Mother, Mary.

4) Which was another place where the risen Jesus appeared to His disciples?

At the temple in Jerusalem

At a well in Samaria

At His home in Nazareth

On a mountain in Galilee