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Bible Quiz: Easter

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1) Jesus was crucified on a Friday and His body was hastily placed in a tomb before the Sabbath began at sunset. According to Jewish Law no work of any kind could be done on the Sabbath, so his followers waited until Sunday to complete the burial rites. Who was NOT among the first to discover, on that Sunday morning, that Jesus had risen from the dead?

Mary Magdalene

Mary, mother of James

Simon Peter, the disciple

Thomas, the disciple

2) Who rolled back the heavy stone that had sealed Jesus' tomb?

An angel

Peter, James and John

Roman soldiers

Mary Magdalene and two other women

3) One of the women saw the risen Jesus near the tomb, but did not recognize Him at first. Who did she mistake Him for?

Jesus' brother James

The gardener

One of the disciples

A stranger from Samaria

4) Which Bible book contains the oldest written description of Jesus' resurrection?




1 Corinthians