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Bible Quiz: Jesus is Raised from the Dead

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1) Jesus was crucified on a Friday, and hastily laid in a tomb before the Sabbath began at sunset. Early Sunday morning, after the Sabbath was over, some women came to the tomb with spices to properly prepare Jesus' body for burial according to Jewish custom. Who was among these women?


Mary Magdalene

Mary, mother of Jesus


2) What did the women notice when they arrived at the tomb?

Jesus was standing beside the tomb to greet them.

A blinding white light was shining from inside the tomb.

The large stone covering the entrance to the tomb had been rolled away.

A cloud of smoke and fire encircled the tomb.

3) How did the women find out Jesus had risen from the dead?

A voice from the clouds told them Jesus had risen.

Peter came running with the news that he had seen Jesus alive.

Someone at the tomb told them Jesus had risen.

The "disciple Jesus loved" came running with the news that he had seen Jesus alive.

4) One of the women saw the risen Jesus near the tomb, but did not recognize Him at first. Who did she mistake Him for?

Jesus' brother James

The gardener

One of the disciples

A stranger from Samaria