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Bible Quiz: Jesus is Born

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1) Which Bible books tell the story of the birth of Jesus?

Matthew and Mark

Matthew and Luke

Matthew and John

Matthew, Mark and Luke

2) Mary was engaged to be married to Joseph when he found out she was pregnant. How did Joseph find out Mary's baby would be the Son of God?

The angel Gabriel told him in a dream.

An angel of the Lord told him in a dream.

The angel Michael appeared to him at Bethlehem

The angel Gabriel appeared to him at Bethlehem

3) Shortly before Jesus was born, Caesar Augustus issued a decree that everyone must register for a census. Why did Joseph and Mary go to Bethlehem to register?

Augustus decreed that all Judeans were to register at Bethlehem.

It was Joseph's place of birth.

Bethlehem was the town of Mary's ancestors.

Bethlehem was the town of Joseph's ancestors.

4) What does the name Jesus mean?


"Christ the king"

"Son of God"

"Yahweh is salvation"