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Bible Quiz: The Holy Spirit Comes to the Disciples

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1) As Jesus had promised before ascending to heaven, the Holy Spirit came to the disciples to guide and strengthen them. Which Jewish feast day did the Holy Spirit come on?





2) There appeared to them divided tongues, as of fire, and one sat upon each of them. Which other sign accompanied this event?

A choir of angels singing

The sound of rushing wind

A dazzling white light

A fierce thunderstorm

3) The disciples began speaking in tongues and each person in the crowd heard them speak of the wonders of God in his own language. However, some people in the crowd were skeptical. What did these skeptics say?

"Surely this is the work of Satan."

"They are merely making strange noises."

"They have had too much wine."

"They have lost their minds."

4) What time of day did this event occur?