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Bible Quiz: The Poor Widow's Offering

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1) One day Jesus was at the temple watching people contribute to the treasury. What did he observe?

Many rich people were contributing large sums.

Some rich people were pretending to be poor and did not contribute what they could afford.

Some rich people walked past and made no contribution at all.

Many of the coins bore the likeness of Caesar.

2) When the poor widow came, how many coins did she put in the treasury?





3) What did Jesus say to his disciples about the widow's offering?

The priests and elders shamed her into giving more than she could afford.

Her gift was actually greater than the others.

She was blessed because she gave in memory of her husband

She was blessed for giving to the poor.

4) What is the lesson of this story?

Charity should begin at home.

The spirit of giving counts for more than the amount given.

Give to Caesar what is Caesar's, and to God what is God's.

Men may be fooled, but God sees everything.