The Christian Bible Reference Site


I originally started this project as a way to teach some of the Bible's wisdom to my two sons, Stephen and Andrew. Along the way, I decided to expand it into a form that could be shared, hoping that others may find it useful, too.

In reading the Bible, I have found a lot of good practical advice in addition to the important spiritual messages. Throughout the Bible, we are taught to love God, to respect other people and to have compassion for the oppressed and needy. Many of the Bible's wisdom teachings, written two or three thousand years ago, are just as relevant today as they were then.

Some people, including some religious leaders, dismiss the Bible's wisdom teachings as hyperbole, unrealistically difficult, or irrelevant to the modern world. However, in so doing, I think they are missing the opportunity to make the world a little better and to receive a great deal of personal enrichment in the process.

I gratefully acknowledge the assistance of my wife, Helen, who edited this work and made many needed improvements.

Cliff Leitch
January, 1996