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Jesus radically changed the world. He was a new kind of leader, a new kind of king. Instead of power and wealth, universal love was His standard of worthiness. Instead of the sword, the word of God was His "weapon."

Instead of the proud, worldly king, He was the humble bearer of the kingdom of God. Yet, no one in history has had the impact on world affairs that Jesus has. His teachings and principles have made their way into human thought throughout the world, far beyond the bounds of formal Christianity.

The essence of Jesus' message to us is this: God loves you. Love and respect Him in return. Love and care for all your fellow men, women and children around the world as much as you care for yourself.

The kingdom of God is still growing within and among us. The news headlines constantly remind us of all the very real evil surrounding us. However, millions and millions of men, women and children around the world are quietly, in their own ways, worshiping God, loving their neighbors, making the world a better place, and finding their personal peace and fulfillment as part of God's kingdom.